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IP of our node has been changed (29.4.2020) - if you have channel opened to our node please update its IP from to (in your wallet).



Added bitcoin ticker (data from binance api), removed LEDs in front of the Maneki's solar panel, solar panel disconnected - Maneki is now powered directly from STM32 (instead of LEDs). STM module no longer visible on the video.


Price reduced from 0.01 to 0.0025mBTC :-)


C-lightning and bitcoin-core updated to latest versions


Invoice QR now contains "lightning:" prefix and uppercased blot11 (before just bolt11) to make it more compatible with wallets (thanks Jestopher :-)


IP address of our node changed from to because of OS upgrde and VPS migration


Added link to our node on Acinq Explorer (click the node name / link under "open channel" QR code)

13. - 14.4.2019

ESP8266 controlled lamp replaced by LEDs controlled by STM32F103C8 (aka bluepill - you can see it in front of Maneki) using usb-relay firmware

... and I started this changelog

Hey! What the f*** is this about?

This is a demo of Bitcoin Lighitning network payments. You can see live video of our Maneki-neko controlled by lightning payments, which turns on for 30 seconds after sucessfull payment of 0.0025mBTC.

Please note that you need Lightning wallet such as Eclair Mobile [Android] or C-Lightning [Linux commandline], you can't use "classic" bitcoin wallets such as Bitcoin Core or Electrum as they doesn't support lightning.

Also please note that this project is/was made for fun and this is something like early-alpha version, therefore please be kind if something breaks - I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions / suggestions:


C-lightning - lightning Network implementation in C

Bitcoin Core - bitcoin core wallet

Motion - highly configurable program that monitors video signals from many types of cameras

MJPEG-relay - relays any given MJPEG stream

ESP8266 core for Arduino - used to control the lamp in the past

USB relay [STM32 / libopencm3] by Daniel Thompson - used to control LEDs via USB

Bitcoin Lightning Powered Chicken Feeder - great inspiration

"Shaggy" who gave me the webcam used in this project - thanks!

Sellers of Beijing's Pearl market we bought the Maneki-neko(s) from - we had fun to bargain about the prices that started at 60RMB and we managed to bargain to 8RMB :-)

Aliexpress / all Chinese for such cheap Arduinos / ESP8266s / STM32s / bulepills / modules / amplifiers / etc...